Do Squirrels Attack or Bite People?

Squirrels are cute little creatures, arent they? Unlike their ugly counterparts, the rats and mice. Everything about them disgusting. But people like squirrels. With their big eyes, fluffy hair and brush-tail, no wonder people think theyre adorable. Surely even you have watched squirrels eating nuts and berries, and people feeding squirrels. Many people have started to take them in as pets as well. 

As humans are cutting down forests and trees to created more space for ourselves, more and more wild animals have started to adapt to human environments. Squirrels took the hint long ago. They have successfully and properly integrated with the social surroundings. Still, they are wild animals, do they bite or suddenly attack people.

Not usually

No matter how cute or adorable to see they are, being animals, squirrels also have weapons to protect them from danger. They have sharp claws on their small paws, and teeth stronger than steel. Plus, they are quite swift in movement. This makes people suspect them.

But till now there has never been a single case of a squirrel deliberately attacking seriously injuring a human. Squirrels are not afraid of human, only very cautious. They know that we generally dont mean them any harm. The occurrences of these situations are very rare. Mostly due to a human interfering with a squirrel.  

Moody squirrels

For squirrels, every day is a fight for survival. And nothing you do can change that. Its a tough world, and you might be able to take every blow life deals you. The squirrels understand that thoroughly. The strictly follow a flight or fight rule. It knows that it is very small and so the first option is to run, if it cannot, then resort to biting and scratching.

A squirrel will come close to take food from you but run away before you try anything funny. For it, you are a big animal that it fears. Most cases where a squirrel bites or attacks humans is when they come near it nest or young ones, or try to catch it.

They have an attitude

People have been known to feed squirrels, who trust them enough to take food from them. But similarly, squirrels are also known to be back for food another day. In this cycle, sooner or later the rodent will start bringing its friends and family for the treat as well. 

Squirrels are very sensitive animals. They have been reported to bite people that fed them when they didnt have enough food. So, if you some and leave the rest, they might pounce on you.

How to deal with annoying squirrels?

A man reported that when he was at the park, a squirrel just leapt on his chest jumped again to a nearby tree. So that was simply parkour. Regardless of what some critics or others who dont like these animals say, squirrels attacking humans is an extremely rare occurrence and mostly as a defensive strategy. 

Still, if you want to avoid these things happening completely, dont go near squirrels. If you don't go near them, nothing will happen.

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